04/03/15 - LIFE EWAS Technical Meeting Seville – 3-4 March 2015

On the 3rd and 4th of March 2015, an EWAS Technical Meeting took place in Seville, Spain.

The 2-day meeting was hosted in the premises of Wellness Telecom, and Lipasam, and was attended by Ignacio García and José Antonio Cabo from Wellness Telecom, Francisco Serrano, Andrés Ferrete, and Sol Cruz from Lipasam, Ignasi Puig, and Marta Jofra from ENT, Kostas Paterakis, Iraklis Karabatsakis and Panagiotis Chatzirakis from DEDISA, and Aida Anthouli from D-Waste.

The first day was dedicated to the progress of the project. There were presentations from all partners on the development of the tasks, the fulfilment of the first deliverables, and a fruitful discussion on the requirements envisaged in the next steps. Special attention was given especially on the technical requirements for the application of the sensors inside the bins in the two pilot cities, as well as the way to involve the citizens, and local stakeholders in the project.

The second day was about presenting the project and its deliverables to Ms Filipa Ferrao, Monitoring Expert of Life Projects. Ms Ferrao supported the project team with valuable information on the submission of the Inception Report, the output initial indicators, and other financial and management issues.

LIFE EWAS project (“Efficient and sustainable waste management methodologies using ICT tools enabling GHG emissions reduction”) aims to foster innovation in the area of public and private interest of waste management by demonstrating the potential of new information technologies to optimise current EU waste management operational methodologies and to establish a way forward for the standard adoption of a more sustainable model.


Title: Efficient and sustainable waste management methodologies using ICT tools enabling GHG emissions reduction

Grant agreement no.:  LIFE13 ENV/ES/000725

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